Endemic is proud to offer existing clients an add-on option of 3rd Party Playlist Pitching to their existing monthly campaign. We offer this as an add-on service as we firmly believe there needs to be existing promotions and campaign strategies surrounding playlist pitching, and that one service definitely supports the success of the other. We target user generated and 3rd party playlists with the intention of collectively bringing up your streams, monthly listeners, and overall Spotify rating. Algorithmic playlists on Spotify are often triggered by artists being added to the libraries and playlists of a wide variety of users, and these playlists help to get you on that radar. We are also looking to increase your overall Spotify artist rating to help put you on the Spotify radar for long term growth and future pitching opportunities. We will also work with the artists to develop the best pitch in your Spotify for Artists account, going directly to the Spotify curators for consideration.